Web Redesign Process

The web process is a five step process designed to be collaborative and research based.


The Web Redesign will use a comprehensive process that will generate feedback from the campus community as well as prospective students.

In the Preliminary Stage, a five-step process was developed. The project’s vision and goals were clarified. In addition, a Web Redesign Advisory Board was developed that included representatives across campus.

In Step One: Research, the Web Redesign Team launched a campus wide Visioning Summit, where attendees learned about industry best practices from speakers and shared their ideas on innovations for the campus web. The research phase also included a campus wide survey, focus groups with prospective students, usability tests with current students, the generation of Google Analytics, research on best practices, an assessment of web technology needs and an evaluation of existing web structure.

In Step Two: Strategy, the Web Redesign Team clarified the mission of the web project, evaluated third-party add-ons and their role in the project, and created a strategy. The strategy included launching the project in phases, with the first phase encompassing sites that are critical to prospective students based on the results of research. A sitemap or outline of pages was then developed. In addition, wireframes of the home page, landing page and content page were developed based on the results of research, not personal taste or preference.

In Step Three: Design, the design team will visualize the future of the Mt. SAC web experience, brainstorm ideas, explore their application to websites and design a look and feel for the web.

In Step Four: Development, the designs will be forwarded to the development team to create web templates in our content management system, OmniUpdate. Content (including text, photos and graphics) for sites in Phase One will be freshly developed based on the site map and user experience goals. Websites will be built out. In addition, existing content will be transferred to the new look and feel of the web. Web workshops will be held for the campus to learn about ways to optimize their currently existing content for the new Web Design.

In Step Five: Asset Management, a launch plan will be developed that allows for testing of the new website that is under development. Web standards and guidelines will be developed. Web champions will continue to be nurtured and trained. The site will be launched internally and then externally. Feedback will be gathered to make improvements.