Reporting Options

Title 5 prohibits unfair or unequal treatment because of an an actual or perceived characteristic related to ethnic group identification, national origin, immigration status, religion, age, sex, gender, gender identification, gender expression, military and veteran status, marital status, medical condition, race, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.

What to Know:

  • Under Title 5, students may report an incident within one year of the date of the incident, and employees my report incidents within 180 calendar days of the incident; however, Mt. SAC encourages reporting incidents as soon as possible. Incidents reported after the stated timelines will not be addressed under Title 5, but may be addressed under other college procedures.
  • There are many resources to help you on the campus and in the community.
  • You may choose to speak with a confidential resource found below without reporting to the College.
  • If you decide to report unwelcomed conduct, your information will only be shared with those who need to know.
  • If needed, services, accommodations, and other assistance can be implemented to ensure a safe and supportive environment for you.
  • Mt. SAC acts promptly and appropriately to prevent and stop any acts of retaliation towards anyone who reports unwelcomed conduct.
If you have experienced unlawful discrimination, you are strongly encouraged to:


If you have experienced unwelcomed conduct, you can talk to:

 Tika Davé-Harris, the college compliance officer, is designated as the responsible district officer for Mt. San Antonio College.  The responsible district officer is responsible for handling unlawful discrimination complaints under Title 5 of California's Code of Regulations.