Human Resources Staff Directory
Office of Vice President, Human Resources
Name Title                              Phone
Vice President, Human Resources 909-274-4493 
Jose Ramirez Executive Assistant II to the Vice President, Human Resources  909-274-4493
Harry Nakaoki Executive Assistant I to the Vice President, Human Resources 909-274-5449
Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance & Recruitment
Name Title  Phone
Tika Davé-Harris Associate Vice President, Human Resources 909-274-5427
Iris Maccanico Executive Assistant I to the AVP, Human Resources 909-274-5427
Stacy Manfredi
Manager, Recruitment and Employment
Zayah Galicia
Administrative Specialist III to the Manager, Recruitment and Employment
LaToya Bass
Human Resources Analyst (DEI & Recruitment Processes)
Human Resources Analyst (Temporary Employment) 909-274-5484
Leticia Hernandez Human Resources Technician (Recruitment) 909-274-5490
Maria Camacho Human Resources Technician (Recruitment) 909-274-5486
Erika Aparicio Human Resources Technician (Recruitment) 909-274-5489
Mari Ceja Human Resources Technician (Recruitment) 909-274-5492
Vera Latreille Human Resources Technician (Faculty Recruitment) 909-274-6139
Vianey Arenas Juarez Human Resources Technician (Temporary, EEO Compensation & DEI) 909-274-5159
Maile Murillo Human Resources Technician (Temporary Employment) 909-274-6688
HR Investigations and ADA Accommodations
Name Title  Phone
Ryan Wilson Director, EEO, Title IX, & Leaves Administration and Title IX Coordinator 909-274-4197
Michelle Medina Administrative Specialist III to the Director, EEO, Title IX, & Leaves Administrator 909-274-4197
Tyler Gutierrez  Coordinator, Project/Program (Title IX/EEO) 909-274-4959
Nerissa Uiagalelei Human Resources Analyst (Leaves/Employee Accommodations/Title IX) 909-274-4414
Coordinator, Project/Program (Leaves/Employee Accommodations) 909-274-5522
Elizabeth Jauregui Special Projects Manager (Leaves/Employee Accommodations) 909-274-6240
Porsha Harris  Project Expert IV (Leaves/Employee Accommodations) 909-274-6802
John Orr Project Expert IV (COVID 19 Test Proctor) 909-274-6853
Candice Baisden Project Expert III (COVID 19 Test Proctor) 909-274-6852
Cecilia Reyes Project Expert III (COVID 19 Test Proctor) 909-274-6854
Velinda Rey Project Expert III (COVID 19 Test Proctor) 909-274-6813
HR Employee and Benefit Services
Name Title  Phone
Alexis Carter Director, Employee Benefits and Services 909-274-5862
Adam Roman Administrative Specialist III to the Director, Employee Benefits and Services 909-274-5862
Zaira Jimenez Human Resources Analyst (Classified/Confidential/Classification/Compensation/Health Benefits) 909-274-5493
Lisa Romo Human Resources Analyst (Adjunct/Faculty/Management) 909-274-5488
Vanessa Ortiz Human Resources Analyst (HRIS) 909-274-5506
Daniel Lopez Human Resources Technician (Classified/Confidential) 909-274-5466
Sophia Salazar Human Resources Technician (Adjunct/Faculty) 909-274-5870
Norma Vizcarra Benefits Specialist (Active Employees) 909-274-5872
Melissa Aguirre Benefits Specialist (Retirees) 909-274-5419
Professional and Organizational Development (POD) & Employee Counseling Center (ECC)
Name Title  Phone
Lisa Rodriguez Acting Director, POD 909-274-4177    
Lizette Henderson Special Projects Manager 909-274-5481
Brenda Dial Coordinator, Projects/Programs 909-274-5816
Elda Blount Coordinator, Projects/Programs 909-274-5886
Marlene Espina POD Coordinator 909-274-4362
Maria Cardenas Administrative Specialist III 909-274-5813
Dolores Gonzalez Mental Health Clinician 909-274-6109
Naomi Sandoval Mental Health Clinician 909-274-6108
Vanessa Salazar Administrative Support to Mental Health Counseling 909-274-6211