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Support Services for Faculty

The chart below can help you identify the right place to start when you have a question or a request. This chart can be downloaded as a PDF or in an accessible version below. You will also find a list of resources when you wish to talk to a person for help and some resources that professors can share with students to answer common student questions about technology. 

Need urgent or one-one help with basic Canvas questions? Email

this decision tree helps faculty figure out where to start for help. The downloadable pdf and accessible version are also on this page.

Help From a Person 

  • Faculty Facilitators  Seven Academic Senate-appointed  faculty facilitators who offer one-on-one  faculty support with simple Canvas needs and online course creation.  
  • 24/7 Canvas helpline: 833-345-2892 (faculty line)
  • Canvas Live Chat 24/7 for faculty (can access from Help button in Canvas)
  • File a Canvas Help ticket under "Help" in Canvas menu
  • Local Mt. SAC IT help desk call 909-274-4357, or 

I need help with...

Help Need Unit that Supports
Argos, Banner, equipment provision, Office 365, noninstructional technology, phones, Portal, website, website/document accessibility, wifi. IT Helpdesk Support  
Online class information, online services and programs,how to get started online Mt. SAC Online  
Schedule of training opportunities for faculty, transcript of professional learning, Vision Resource Center community and online self-paced training options (Lynda/LinkedIn training, Skillsoft, @ONE), FOMA Readiness questions, sign up for SPOT training.

Professional & Organizational Development (POD)

Smartboards, classroom audiovisual equipment and training, captioning services, public event support 

Audio Visual Services

Information about student accommodations and accessibility opinions, including live captioners and sign language interpreters


Check my SPOT certification or when my SPOT recertification is due. Learn about SPOT and SPOT recertification

Distance Learning 

Resources for Students that Professors Can Provide

  • Tutoring for Students discover the many forms of academic student support including math, writing, and subject-specific supports, both online and on campus.
  • Distance Learning Support for Students web resources for those interested in online courses at Mt. SAC.
  • ACCESS  request accommodations and learn about accessibility resources.
  • Mountie Student Hub is a hub inside Canvas that gives students useful info on how to use Canvas and links to a multitude of support resources at Mt. SAC .
  • Canvasadors (in Canvas) Peer Mentors on using Canvas and other learning technologies for students.