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OEI logoMt. SAC & the Online Education Initiative (OEI)

Mt. SAC is one of the pilot colleges participating in the OEI. The Online Education Initiative (OEI) has several components, which includes faculty resources, student success resources, and technology resources.

    • Subsidization of Canvas

      CanvasSubsidization of Canvas

      • A 60-member OEI panel selected Canvas as the Common Course Management System (CCMS, interchangeable term with LMS) in which all online course exchange courses will be taught
      • As the CCMS, Canvas is available subsidized for free through 2019 (guaranteed), and is expected to be subsidized at free or substantially lowered cost into the future.

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    • OEI Course Rubric

      Course Rubric

      OEI Course Rubric

      OEI has developed and released a course rubric that is openly available and defines the criteria for courses in the exchange.

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    • Online Course Exchange

      OEI Course Exchange

      Online Course Exchange

      OEI is creating an online course exchange in which any CA community college can participate (Mt. SAC is currently participating as a pilot school in this program).

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    • Student Success Tools

      Student SuccessStudent Success Tools

      OEI has developed and released online readiness tools that are freely available to all CA community colleges to help students assess how well prepared they are for taking online courses.

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Additional Free Tools & Resources

OEI is making additional technology available with no strings attached to adoption of other aspects of the program. This includes access to the following tech tools:

  • NetTutorAs of Fall 2016, online tutoring through NetTutor is available for FREE to all currently enrolled Mt. SAC students.

    Learn More about NetTutor

  • Proctorio

    Academic Test proctoring through the popular service Proctorio. Proctoring using Proctorio is fully integrated in Canvas.

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